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لی چنگ یانگ یه افسر پلیسه که از هر طرف بهش ظلم واقع میشه و حتی رئیسش هم اونو راحت نمیذاره اون بخاطر تحقیقاتش مورد ظرب و شتم قرار گرفت و به زندان افتاد، به کمک گروه نظارت از زندان ازاد شد و لی چنگ یانگ به همراه چند تن از نیرو های دادگستری در حال دستگیری مقامات فاسد دولتی با هدف ساختن جامعه ای بهتر برای مردم هستند
As a frontline police officer, Li Cheng Yang faced oppression from all sides, framed by evil forces, and even his boss, the chief of public security, in order to prevent him from investigating. He was framed and imprisoned. Under the command and leadership of the Chinese political commissar and the Central Supervision Group, Li Cheng Yang regained his freedom and joined forces with various departments of the Public Prosecution and Justice Department. Together with Lin Hao and He Yong, they try to wipe out the two evil groups that had been in Zhongjiang City for more than ten years and bring the corrupted government officials to justice. With a clear objective to restore a clean political arena of Zhongjiang, and a better society for the people in Zhongjiang. Will they succeed?